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A quick word about the mosaic that adorns the website. In the center of course is the Virgin Mary with Jesus sitting on a throne. To their right is the Emperor Constantine the Great, founder and builder of Constantinople presenting a model of the city. To their left is the Emperor Justinian, builder of the Hagia Sophia, the first great cathedral of Christianity and essentially the beating heart of the Byzantine Empire. The symbolism in this mosaic is immense. As the liberator, defender, and promoter of Christianity, Constantine presents a model of what became the capital city of not only the Empire but also Christianity to Mary and Jesus. Constantinople became a fusion of Church and State with the seat of secular authority in the emperor’s palace next to the Hagia Sophia, the seat of one of the five original great Christian Sees, the Patriarch of Constantinople. This fusion is completed by Justinian on the left with the Hagia Sophia. His vision for the great church is evident today as the Hagia Sophia still stands. Every emperor after Justinian, save one, would be crowned there. Unfortunately, its status today is much like the hearts of men who have forgotten or put aside the love of Christ, as the Hagia Sophia is now a museum. This mosaic lives on reminding us not only of the ancient union between the Church and State but also between the ever present synthesis of Christ in our daily life regardless of who we are, what we do, or where we go. As we will explore the reasons behind and pray for the eventual end to the Great Schism, this mosaic will continue to serve as our backdrop, a reminder of better times that will hopefully come again soon.

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  1. Thanks for the comment. My plan is to have at least one blog up each weekbut hopefully more. Word about the site is getting around, so I’m hoping to have some interesting discussions here.


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